About us

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in China, Nexus Holidays is a global tour operator with 17 offices worldwide. Our principal business activity is in the designing, developing, worldwide marketing and selling of high quality tour programs visiting China, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Indian Subcontinent – as well as Europe and North America. Serving over 70,000 customers annually, we are known as one of the leading brands for travel in Asia, as our tour programs are designed primarily for travellers who truly value reliability, flexibility, and attractive prices. Nexus Holidays is also a fully-integrated retail travel service provider, offering services in air bookings, hotel arrangement, cruise reservations, and holiday travel. With our local knowledge and global expertise, we deliver on our promises, with the ultimate goal of offering you a seamless travel experience.

We have established a significant presence in Australia, and in 2017 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the opening our Sydney office. Our objective is to offer quality services at the best price. Our philosophy is to offer people from all walks of life the opportunity to experience authentic experiences at a variety of destinations, in comfort, at a reasonable cost.

Why Nexus Holidays

Incredible Value with Top Quality

At Nexus Holidays, we provide the newest and safest transportation, luxurious and comfortable accommodation, caring and knowledgeable guides, authentic and mouth-watering meals, and iconic attractions – plus off-the-beaten-path itineraries. We have achieved this by securing a solid foundation in buyer bargaining power from our suppliers for our growing base of customers, over 70,000 in 2013. We have also established our operational logistics locally and distribute product information through our global sales network. This approach reduces operational costs and enhances communication between our business units. Most importantly, we also receive constant support from diverse national tourism organizations in the areas of marketing and promotion. All of the above have enabled us to sustain our competitive advantage and thus provide you the best of the best in both incredible value and top quality.

Anywhere anytime – No downtime

Nexus Holidays is a well-respected tour operator. With professional travel specialists based in our worldwide sales network, including North America, our toll-free line and online support will connect you to us from anywhere at any time. All group and private tours will all be taken care of by Nexus Holidays’ most caring and knowledgeable in-house tour guides. For Asia operations with ten guests or more, we even offer both local and national guides to accommodate every need of yours throughout the journey. The ultimate goal of our service plan is to ensure that you will receive extraordinary service before, during, and after your trip. At Nexus Holidays, we have no downtime.

Service Excellence

Service excellence is the cornerstone of how we operate our business. We listen to our customers and have a dedicated quality control team. The aim is to understand our customers’ feedback and future needs. This will ensure us to be able to realign our service and logistics for the purpose of giving you 101% satisfaction.

Create Memories

We believe our research and development efforts are a key factor in our success. With our in-depth knowledge of tourism markets worldwide, and understanding the needs and requirements of people from diverse cultural backgrounds, we meticulously design all our tour programs, aiming to create unforgettable memories every time. It is no wonder why thousands of travellers choose Nexus Holidays year after year.

Solid Network

Nexus Holidays is a global tour company with 17 operations and sales offices worldwide. Our network enables us to streamline communication and share resources for the purpose of creating a synergy and a continuous effort to provide service excellence and to innovate and improve products for our valued customers. This is our commitment to you.