Why visit Singapore?

This history of Singapore is hard to separate from that of Malaysia. After centuries as a regional trading post, the island came under British control. Both countries gained independence from the British after WW2, but after less than two years as a federation, Singapore went its own way in 1965 and has never looked back. With Chinese not welcome in Singapore after Malaysian independence, many left Malaysia and took their entrepreneurial skills with them, making Singapore – the Lion City – a first-world country in just one generation. Now a regional centre for technological development, finance, and international trade, Singapore is a huge draw for shoppers, business people, and foodies, and is a true bridge between East and West.

Capital: Singapore

Population: 5.6 million

Currency: Singapore Dollar

Local Time: GMT+8

Telephone Code: +65

Electricity: 220-240V at 50Hz. Three rectangular prongs

Baggage Clearance: Baggage is cleared at the first port of entry.