Why travel to Japan?

Taking a journey to Japan is to find excitement in a tranquil land. You may experience lavender festivals in Hokkaido, then at the next minute be travelling southbound to Okinawa to relax in turquoise waters. Along the way, a wealth of historical architecture is nestled in impressive natural scenery. Fascinating museums and thrilling theme parks stand alongside sophisticated commercial complexes, awaiting your discovery. Japan is a dreamland which you would visit again and again, but always feel you have not thoroughly seen it all.

Capital: Tokyo

Population: 127.3 million

Currency: Yen (JPY)

Local Time: GMT + 9

Telephone Code: + 81

Electricity: 100 volts at 60 Hz AC in the western region. 100 volts 50 Hz AC in the eastern region. Flat two-pin plugs.

Baggage Clearance: Baggage is cleared at the first airport of entry in Japan. Exempt: Baggage of transit passengers with a destination outside of Japan, provided the onward flight is within 24 hours.