Booking Terms and Conditions

Please read through the following Terms and Conditions prior to booking a trip with us. Our COVID-19 travel credit policy can be found here.



Booking and Paying For Your Trip


Reservation & Deposit


For bookings made directly through Nexus Holidays

Please submit a Booking Form along with a deposit outlined below. The deposit is non-refundable and payable within 7 days of reservation.

A $1,000 per person non-refundable deposit is payable for packages to China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, India, Europe, New Zealand all packages shorter than 12 days in total duration, except for packages with Ocean Cruises.

A $2,000 per person non-refundable deposit is payable for packages to North America, destinations with Ocean Cruises, all packages 13 days or longer in total duration, and any packages not mentioned herewith.

Bookings without a deposit paid on time are subject to possible cancellation and Late Payment Fees as set forth in this document.


For vouchers purchased through a third party vendor

The purchase of vouchers does not automatically guarantee availability of a given departure date. You must complete and submit a Nexus Holidays Booking Form along with a copy of each traveller’s passport photo page to secure your dates.

Nexus Holidays reserves the right to correct any errors in rates quoted or calculated, or any omissions made at any time during booking and invoicing. Any verbal quote provided is an indication only of the final price and is subject to confirmation in writing.


Receipt of Booking Form & Deposit

Receipt of a Booking Form or Deposit by Nexus Holidays is treated as an undertaking that the customer or agent has read and agrees to be bound by all terms and conditions set forth in this document.


Invoicing Errors

Customers are responsible for checking the booking and invoice thoroughly and to contact Nexus Holidays or your travel agent immediately if the invoice appears to be incorrect or incomplete. Nexus Holidays cannot accept responsibility if we are not notified of invoice inaccuracies within 3 days of invoicing. Nexus Holidays reserves the right to collect any omissions or underbilled charges from verbal or written quotations and invoices, and reserves the right to adjust or reissue invoices to reflect correct pricing.


Booking Finalisation and Passport Copies

All booking components and arrangements, including the selection of dates, tour extensions, optional programs, stopovers, early arrivals or stay behinds, upgrades and provision of passport copies etc, must be finalised within 7 days of booking. Amendments thereafter incur penalties set forth in this document.

It is a condition of booking that passport copies, valid or expired, are provided at the time of booking. All names must be full names exactly matched to a valid passport. If the passport copy is not provided within 7 days of booking, travel documents will be issued according to the names submitted on the booking form. Nexus Holidays will not be liable for any costs that arise due to name corrections or amendments. Fees apply for reissue of travel documents.

Documentation will be issued close to departure according to the schedule outlined forthwith under the Travel Documentation section. A surcharge from $100 per person is payable for any request for the issuance of travel documents, such as air tickets, earlier than aforementioned time frame.


Balance of Payment

The final balance of all travel arrangements is due by 90 days prior to departure for China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, India, Europe, New Zealand and all tour packages shorter than 15 days in total duration, except for packages with Ocean Cruises.

The final balance of all travel arrangements for USA & Canada, Alaska, all destinations with Ocean Cruises, all packages 15 days or longer in total duration, and any packages not mentioned, is due within 120 days prior to departure.

Payments by credit card incur a non-refundable merchant fee. We charge 1.5% for VISA, Mastercard, and American Express.

Payments by internet banking or direct deposit must include reference of the invoice number, and a copy of the remittance advice must be emailed to Nexus Holidays. When making payments, please factor a minimum bank processing time of 2 working days. Documents will not be dispatched until all funds have cleared. Late payments are subject to Late Payment Fees set forth in this document and possible cancellation of your booking.


Late Booking Fees

Bookings made within 60 days of the departure date incur a late booking fee from $100 per person, and the booking must be paid in full immediately. Bookings made less than 90 days prior to departure must be deposited immediately and the balance must be paid in full within 7 working days of reservation.

Late booking fees also apply for late submission of the Nexus Holidays booking form after the purchase of vouchers through a third party vendor.


Late Payment Fees

Bookings where deposits and final balances are not paid on time are subject to possible cancellation and incur the following late payment fees:

  1. Late payment after initial payment deadline; from $50 per person.
  2. Late payment within 30 days after initial payment deadline; from $100 per person.
  3. Late payment within 60 days after initial payment deadline; from $150 per person.

Nexus Holidays must be promptly informed of all payments. Late payment fees apply to payments that are not properly accounted for due to reasons such as failing to provide remittance advice, not allowing enough bank processing or clearance time, payments without reference of invoice or booking number, and payments to the wrong account, etc. Nexus Holidays reserves the right to cancel any booking where payment is not received within specified deadlines.


Airline Fuel Surcharge Levy

Since 2004, all airlines levy a fuel surcharge in addition to the normal airline ticket price in order to cover the increased cost of aviation fuel. As fuel prices may fluctuate, so too will the amount the airlines charge for this levy. This amount will be advised to you at the time of booking and is subject to change until are tickets are issued.


Amending or Cancelling Your Trip


Amendment & Administration Fees

All booking variations made 30 days or more after booking; including transferring between tour packages and departure dates, incur an amendment fee from $100 per person per change to be paid at the time of the change (other fees may apply). Amendments within 90 days of departure will be regarded as a cancellation and will incur heavy penalties. Bookings requiring reissue of air tickets and other documents will incur an additional administration fee from $150 per person.

All fees associated with amendments to default group itineraries or set arrangements; such as airline upgrades, stopovers, self-arranged stay behinds and any breakaways from the group, are payable immediately at the time of the change.

Changes must be made in writing by the person who made the original booking, or his or her travel agent. Once a booking is confirmed, name transfers are not permitted and will be regarded as a cancellation.


Cancellation by Customer

Should a customer wish to cancel a booking for any reason, all cancellations must be made in writing to Nexus Holidays and will be subject to the following cancellation policies from the date the written cancellation is received:

  • For cancellations involving air, cruise and tickets that has been issued at the time of cancellation, the cost of the tickets is 100% non-refundable and is in addition to the cancellation fees already outlined in the cancellation schedule.
  • In the event of any partial or complete no show of the tour, flights or any other booking components, the booking shall be treated as a cancellation whereby the deposit and total booking cost are fully non-refundable. No show fees may be collected by the supplier.
  • For bookings wherein components are partially paid for both directly to Nexus Holidays and via a third-party vendor, the most restrictive terms and conditions prevail.
  • In the event of a cancellation, any refunds will be less administration fees including visa application and service fees, transfer fees, airline cancellation fees, credit card processing fees and any applicable amendment fees. Regrettably cancellation charges and fees cannot be waived. There can be no exceptions.
  • No refund will be made for any unused portions of the holiday after the departure date.
  • A single supplement cannot be waived for any cancellations whereby the remaining occupant(s) require single room(s).
  • Employees of any overseas company or staff of Nexus Holidays outside Australia are not authorised to provide any guarantees or agreements to customers in respect of refunds or any other matters.


For bookings made directly through Nexus Holidays:
  • 120 days or more prior to departure
    • Loss of deposit plus any administration fee plus 100% of the airfare, cruise and rail tickets are non-refundable.
  • 119 days or less prior to departure
    • 100% non-refundable paid by you in connection with the booking.
  • “No Show”
    • 100% non-refundable paid by you in connection with the booking.
For vouchers purchased through a third party vendor:
  • Vouchers are 100% non-refundable at all time and are subject to the booking conditions of the corresponding third-party vendor.


Cancellation by Nexus Holidays

Nexus Holidays reserves the right to cancel or vary a tour prior to departure due to insufficient numbers. In such an event alternative guaranteed travel dates will be offered. Should these options not be acceptable Nexus Holidays will refund the full price paid, less visa cost. If a tour is cancelled due to unforeseeable circumstances such as, but not restricted to, severe weather conditions or force majeure, Nexus Holidays will refund all monies except visa costs, credit card merchant fees and any cancellation fees levied by airlines and other third parties.

Unforeseeable circumstances such as force majeure, adverse weather, flight rescheduling, hotel overbooking and faults with transportation or road conditions may also have an effect on the tour itinerary after the commencement date. Any decision made in respect of tour services by independent operators to re-route or amend the itinerary due to any of the above or similar circumstances is at the discretion of the tour service provider and Nexus Holidays shall not be liable for any claim arising from such events.


Fees & Charges

All fully inclusive prices indicated in the document are based on group travel, and any additional arrangements from the set itinerary, such as early arrival, stay behind, stopover or routing deviations, may incur additional costs (cf. “Breakaway Policy”). Arrangements such as transfers, accommodation, etc. outside the set group arrangements/dates are at an additional cost and are not covered by the Breakaway Fee.

All participants must strictly stay with the group according to the set itinerary from beginning to end. Participants are not authorised to leave the group or forfeit any day(s) or activities at any stage, unless prior consent is provided in writing by Nexus Holidays. Any unauthorised deviation is subject to penalties from $100 per person per day and Nexus Holidays shall not be responsible for any act or mishap thereafter.

No show of any flight sectors or tour arrangements are strictly not permitted. Failure to show up or check in on time will result in the automatic cancellation of all onward flights or arrangements, and the travel document will be rendered void and fully non-refundable. No show penalties may be collected by the supplier. Any penalties and costs associated with rebooking flights and other arrangements shall be borne by the passenger. There shall be no refund for any unused services.


Breakaway Policy


It is a condition of participation on all Nexus Holidays group tours that all participants strictly stay with the group according to the predetermined itinerary at all times from beginning to end.

Any application to leave or breakaway from the group at any stage of the tour, or deviate in any way from the set group itinerary, must be submitted in advance by writing to Nexus Holidays for special consideration.

Any approval by Nexus Holidays is subject to completion of a Waiver of Responsibility Form, and prompt payment of a Breakaway Fee from $100 per person. The actual amount payable is to be determined on an individual case by case basis at the time of application.

Any breakaway or deviation is taken as an understanding by the participant that all group-based arrangements and services are voluntarily forfeited and void. Any arrangements upon breakaway from the group are at the applicant’s own cost and risk. Furthermore, any consent by Nexus Holidays is subject to acceptance of all below mentioned terms.

Before departure:
  • The applicant must notify Nexus Holidays in writing of their intention to break away or deviate from the group before Booking Finalisation and well in advance of departure. Late applications cannot be considered.
  • The application must clearly explain the reason for the breakaway and include details of all passengers, dates, times and itinerary of the planned deviation.
  • Prior consent must be provided in writing by Nexus Holidays. Any approval is subject to payment of a Breakaway Fee to be quoted at the time of application. Payment must be immediately remitted in full upon approval and acceptance.
  • Any change in circumstances or plans must be communicated to Nexus Holidays prior to departure and is subject to reassessment.


After departure:
  • The applicant agrees to notify the local tour guide of the special arrangements while on tour with the group before the breakaway. The tour guide is not authorised to make exceptions to this policy.
  • All Nexus Holidays group-based arrangements and services are deemed void and forfeited. The applicant agrees not to use any group services; such as but not limited to hotel accommodation, transfers, and air tickets, at any point or time during or after the breakaway, unless written consent is explicitly provided by Nexus Holidays before commencement of the trip.
  • The applicant agrees not to rejoin the tour, or use any group services provided by Nexus Holidays, at any stage during or after the breakaway, unless written consent is explicitly provided by Nexus Holidays before commencement of the trip.
  • The applicant agrees that they are not entitled to any refund for any unused or partially used services arranged by Nexus Holidays.
  • The applicant agrees that all services undertaken upon breakaway from the group, including accommodation and transportation, are to be self-arranged and associated costs are borne by the applicant.

The applicant agrees that they are not covered by any insurance provided by Nexus Holidays for any act or mishap during or after the breakaway, and agree that Nexus Holidays are absolved of all responsibility and liability therein.


Complaints or Claims Resolution

At Nexus Holidays we are committed to ensuring that we deal with complaints effectively and efficiently. Should the customer not be satisfied with any aspect of their arrangements, they must immediately inform the National Escort or local guide who will endeavour to resolve the issue at the time. If this is not possible and you wish to lodge a complaint or claim, this must be done in writing to Nexus Holidays in Sydney by submission of a Nexus Holidays Claim Form within 30 days of the date of the completion of your Nexus Holidays arrangements. Relevant receipts and substantiating evidence must be attached to the letter of claim.


Refusal of Service

Nexus Holidays reserves the right to refuse service at any stage before or after booking to any customer or agent that we reasonably determine:

  • Is disrespectful or abusive to our staff;
  • Is likely to disrupt the smooth running of our daily business or tour operations;
  • Is likely to engage in anti-social, unethical or immoral behaviour, or any behaviour that may jeopardise the safety or enjoyment of other tour participants;
  • Is likely to undermine the integrity, or bring into disrepute, our company in any way or form;
  • Has expectations or demands that are: unable to be satisfied; unrealistically or unreasonably excessive; misaligned or incompatible with our core values, principles and practices; or inconsistent with the product or service standards that we can deliver;
  • Is in breach of our Booking Conditions.

In the event that payments have been received, and on the premise that travel documents have not been issued, Nexus Holidays may opt to offer a partial or full refund, as deemed appropriate or necessary at our sole discretion.


Agent Responsibilities

It is the travel agents’ responsibility to ensure that all invoice and itinerary details and documentation issued by Nexus Holidays are correct and that the customer is aware of amendment and cancellation conditions and other clauses stipulated in the Booking Conditions. Travel agents must provide all passport copies at the time of booking. Any amendment, administration, cancellation and associated booking fees incurred due to agent or customer error shall be billed to the agent. Any errors must be advised to Nexus Holidays immediately. Nexus Holidays cannot accept responsibility if we are not notified of invoice or booking inaccuracies within 3 days of invoicing. Nexus Holidays reserves the right to reissue invoices with correct pricing.

Passports & Visas


Documents for Travel

A passport with a minimum of six months validity from the date of return is required for customers travelling to all countries in our programme. It is recommended that travellers have at least three blank pages in their passport.

All customers are responsible to check visa requirements with their local embassy or consulate and must ensure they obtain a visa valid for the duration of travel before departure. Non-Australian passport holders will incur additional fees. Visa costs are not included in tour packages unless otherwise explicitly stated. If passports are not physically received by Nexus Holidays 30 days prior to departure, at the specified time the customer may be required to pay an urgent visa processing fee. Unless otherwise requested your passport will be returned with final documentation approximately two weeks prior to your departure date.

Responsibility for documentation accuracy, passport validity and dispatch of documents rests with the customer. Nexus Holidays accepts no responsibility for any failure in this respect. Nexus Holidays does not issue foreign visas. We only lodge passports and application forms for visas to be issued by the relevant authorities. Nexus Holidays cannot guarantee that any visa will be issued by the relevant authority and accepts no responsibility if a visa application is refused. Any cancellation fees or other expenses incurred by the customer due to the refusal of a visa will be entirely the customer’s liability.


Visa Requirements

The following summary of visa requirements for Australian passport holders is a guide only and subject to change. Nexus Holidays are only able to lodge visas on behalf of applicants that are present in Australia at the time of application. All customers are responsible to check visa requirements with their local embassy or consulate and must ensure they obtain a visa valid for the duration of travel before departure. Nexus Holidays cannot be held liable for any failure in this respect.

  1. China Visa (3 months validity)

    If you are lodging the visa application yourself, Nexus Holidays will email you an application form and detailed instructions approximately 2 months before departure. Please notify us to request provision of preliminary documentation (for visa application purposes only).
    If Nexus Holidays is lodging the visa application on your behalf, detailed instructions will be emailed to you approximately 2 months before departure. Note that we require the passport to be delivered to our office.

  2. Vietnam Visa

    Visa is required to enter Vietnam. An application form will be emailed to you approximately 2 months before departure. If lodged by Nexus Holidays, we require the passport to be delivered to our office.

  3. ESTA for travel to USA (valid for 2 years multiple entry, if passport validity permits)

    Please wait until you receive your final documentation before submitting an ESTA electronic visa waiver application to ensure that the information you provide is complete and accurate. A small fee is payable online by credit card and the application process should take no longer than 30 minutes.

  4. eTA for travel to Canada (valid for 5 years multiple entry, if passport validity permits)

    Effective 15 March 2016, travellers must apply for an electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) to visit or transit Canada by air. The application should only take a few minutes online with a small fee payable by credit card.



Nexus Holidays takes due care in handling travel documents in our possession but does not guarantee the security, reliability, suitability and punctuality of travel documents mailed by a third party contractor. Any undertakings by post are at the customer’s own risk and Nexus Holidays shall not be liable for lost documents. Nexus Holidays strongly recommends all postage be by registered mail with tracking. Postage fees are payable by the customer.


Travel Insurance & Health Requirements


Travel Insurance

During your holiday, certain risks and dangers may arise beyond the control of Nexus Holidays, including not limited to: the hazards of travelling in undeveloped areas; travel by boat, cruise, train, aircraft, bus, or other means of transportation; forces of nature; political unrest; terrorism; robbery and other acts of lawlessness; and accident or illness in remote regions lacking means of rapid evacuation or medical facilities. Nexus Holidays will not be liable for the provision of medical care or the adequacy of any that care that is rendered.

Nexus Holidays strongly recommends the purchase of comprehensive insurance at the time of booking to ensure immediate protection of your deposit.

Please contact us for a quotation if you are an Australian resident. Nexus Holidays are not authorised to sell insurance to non-Australian residents. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they are adequately covered by insurance before trip commencement and for the duration of their travel arrangements. Nexus Holidays cannot be made liable for the loss of deposits, cancellation costs, and any other costs incurred by the customer on any tour if not adequately insured.

Travel insurance policy details must be provided no later than 30 days before departure to avoid delays in the dispatch of final documentation.


Health Requirements

Our group tours tend to be moderately paced, with intervals of brisk walking and full days. All customers must possess physical and mental fitness well enough to travel and are required to familiarise themselves with any health requirements specific to the countries being visited. Customers with a pre-existing medical condition that affects their fitness to travel, or any medical/dietary requirements must advise Nexus Holidays when booking their tour and may be required to provide written confirmation from their doctor that they are fit to travel. All customers should visit their doctor to confirm that they are physically able to undertake the day-to-day requirements of the tour. Should any ailments either exist at the time of booking, or arise before their departure from Australia, the customer must inform Nexus Holidays of these in writing. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they have adequate insurance cover for any pre-existing medical conditions. All travellers are advised to check destination-specific information and vaccination requirements with their doctors as well as the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) at For the comfort of other participants, smoking is not permitted on Nexus Holidays arranged transportation.


Special Assistance

Travellers requiring special assistance must be accompanied by a physically able companion. Any disability or medical condition requiring special attention must be declared at the time of booking. Nexus Holidays will make reasonable efforts to accommodation special needs but is not responsible for any denial of services or additional expenses by carriers, hotels, trains, restaurants or other third party suppliers. Coaches and minibuses are not equipped with wheelchair ramps. Wheelchairs and walkers cannot be carried on board vehicles due to space limitations. Various activities may involve strenuous activity or extensive walking, sitting or standing. Nexus Holidays cannot provide individual assistance to any passenger for walking, dining, boarding or alighting from transportation vehicles, or any other personal needs.


Travel Documentation


Please be informed that as Nexus Holidays packages are group tours, all bookings will be processed together as a group when the name lists for air tickets, hotel reservations, coach assignments etc are finalised close to departure. Therefore, documentation is issued on a group-by-group and sequential basis, with earlier departure dates taking priority, and we are unable to accommodate individual requests for early documentation.

Standard documentation turnaround time:

Barring any unforeseen delays, final documentation for all tours will be emailed out within 2 weeks of commencement, except Europe within 7 days of commencement.

We endeavour to release documentation earlier where possible or as soon as all information becomes fully available and confirmed for the entire group. However, during peak periods, we may encounter a higher than usual volume of bookings which will affect standard turnaround times. ‘Commencement’ above refers to the set group departure date for each individual tour or country, and does not factor early departures. For packages consisting of multiple tours or countries, or packages with cruise or rail components, the turnaround time is calculated from the commencement of the final tour, country or cruise/rail component.


Flight Itinerary

Flights are booked subject to group ticket and promotional fare availability and may involve up to 2 transits per leg. Flight itineraries are generally not available until approximately 1 month before departure, or only available upon dispatch of final documentation (cf. Travel Documentation section). If multiple airlines are advertised, Nexus Holidays is unable to guarantee which airline will be booked. If a specified airline is not available, Nexus Holidays will provide a substitute of similar or higher standard.


Tour Experience



Accommodation will vary depending on the group size and cannot be confirmed until final documentation is dispatched or very close to departure. All hotels listed on brochures are intended to be used on all departures but cannot be guaranteed. If the hotels are unavailable for any reason, Nexus Holidays reserves the right to provide substitutes of similar standard. All standards shown are local ratings or self-rated, and standards will vary from region to region, and may not conform with ratings found on international websites or forums that may contain unmoderated public opinion. Hotel locations can be within or outside itinerary cities. No refunds are provided for hotel changes. Only twin-bedded rooms can be guaranteed. All other room types are on a request basis only and cannot be guaranteed before departure. Triple rooms are the same size as twin-bedded rooms and are at the discretion of the hotel. Some hotels and cruises do not offer triple rooms. Hotel rooms are often smaller than those in Australia and New Zealand. Hotel room sizes, standards, facilities and services provided may vary from country to country and region to region and are often local in style. Standard check in time tends to be 2 to 4pm or later and check out is normally 10am, but may vary with destination. Non-smoking rooms are requested by default but cannot be guaranteed. Special requests can be passed on but cannot be guaranteed. Loyalty membership benefits do not apply. Please consult your tour guide before using any WiFi or pay TV services as these are generally not free of charge. Please note that any Nexus Holidays arranged pre/post hotels are subject to availability and not necessarily the same as the hotels used on the core tour. It is the client’s responsibility to check all details before booking or departure.



Air-conditioning in hotels is not guaranteed and dependent upon local and national laws and regulations. Though hotels may have air-conditioning as a listed amenity, the usage of air-conditioning is often not available at night or in the off-seasons (October–May). Other restrictions may apply. Nexus Holidays has no control over air-conditioning restrictions and regulations.



The standard check-in baggage allowance for all airlines is limited to one piece per person and must not exceed 20kg, unless otherwise explicitly stated. Carry-on baggage is limited to one piece and must not exceed 7kg per person. The baggage allowance on the tour coaches is limited to one piece and must not exceed 20kg per person unless otherwise explicitly specified. Excess baggage is not permitted. Any porterage handling fees and tips are payable by the traveller. All baggage must be safely secured. Nexus Holidays cannot be held liable for lost property.



Optional tours, optional shore excursions, admissions & attraction tickets, tour guide/driver/baggage handler tipping, cruise gratuities, meals & drinks other than those specified on the itinerary, passport & visa fees, vaccinations, city & resort taxes/fees, government taxes, laundry service, Wi-Fi internet, baggage & miscellaneous airline fees, travel insurance, credit card merchant fees, personal expenditure, and anything not mentioned on the brochure itinerary are not included in our packages, unless explicitly stated otherwise.


Flight Schedule Changes

When airlines change schedules or delay flights, Nexus Holidays is unable to notify passengers as we are not advised of these changes by the airline. It will be the passenger’s own responsibility to check flight times and ensure they are at the airport to check in and board correctly. Nexus Holidays will not be liable for any costs incurred due to flight schedule changes, delays or cancellations. Nexus Holidays will also not be liable for any aspect of the touring that is missed including flights, cruising, accommodation, transfers and activities.



All prices, itineraries, airlines, hotels, and cruise ships are subject to availablility and change without prior notice.

Nexus Holidays reserves the right to adjust the itinerary and order as we see fit to ensure the smooth running of the tour and enhance customer experience.


Length of Tour

The total length of the tour includes any time spent in flight and is subject to change depending on the flight schedule, choice of airline and departure city. Please refer to the full day by day itinerary for the time spent on land.


Loyalty Memberships

Nexus Holidays will associate any airline, cruise and supplier loyalty membership numbers to bookings, but cannot guarantee that points and other benefits are accruable or redeemable on our group packages.


Lost Property

For security reasons, valuables should be kept to a minimum. Nexus Holidays strongly recommends that all bags are securely locked, and any valuables are kept in personal possession of the owner at all times. It is the traveller’s sole responsibility to ensure adequate insurance cover for loss of personal belongings and luggage. Nexus Holidays takes no responsibility for any items that are lost, stolen or left behind at any time on tour and cannot guarantee that their retrieval is possible. Incidents must be immediately reported to the tour guide, national escort (if applicable), local police and relevant authorities so that incidents can be rectified on the spot. It is the customer’s own responsibility to obtain written reports, receipts and case references as proof of record and produce them if required for follow up or travel insurance purposes.


Optional Activities

Nexus Holidays offers a variety of optional activities to enhance the tour experience. Some programs must be booked in advance and prepaid. Some activities are subject to minimum and maximum numbers. Alternative activities may not be available for non-participants. Some sites may not be in the vicinity of things to do and non-participants may have to wait for the group to complete the activities. Transportation is not included and is self-arranged for those not joining optional activities.


Refusal of Carriage

Nexus Holidays retains the right to remove customers from our group for reasons that impact on the enjoyment or safety of other tour members, such as, but not limited to, the physical, medical or mental inability of customers to undertake the arrangements of the tour, unsocial or unruly behaviour, or the carriage of prohibited substances and materials. All customers must be able to read and speak fluent English. Nexus Holidays will not refund or cover any costs incurred for termination of holiday arrangements due to unacceptable behaviour.



Nexus Holidays acts as a co-ordinator for all persons taking these tours in the making of all arrangements for transportation, sightseeing, shopping and hotel accommodation. Nexus Holidays does not own, manage, control or operate any transportation vehicle, hotel, shop or restaurant or any other supplier of services. All coupons, receipts and tickets are issued subject to the terms and conditions specified by the supplier and all services are subject to the laws of the country where the services are provided. Nexus Holidays acts only as an agent for the owners, contractors and suppliers provided and assumes no responsibility for the loss or damage to baggage or property or for any injury, illness or death or for any damages or claims whatsoever caused arising directly or indirectly from accidents, loss or damage to person or property, delays, transport failure, strikes, wars and uprisings or acts of God etc. over which Nexus Holidays has no control.



Participants may be given the opportunity to shop as a group for local specialty products of cultural and economic significance to the country’s heritage as part of the tour learning experience. There is no obligation to purchase any goods. Nexus Holidays is not affiliated with these stores and encourage you to always request receipts and store contact details while shopping at your own discretion. Nexus Holidays and its employees are not qualified nor permitted to ensure or guarantee the quality or value of any goods purchased or the suitability of any retail outlets visited. In all cases the purchase of goods and the use of a credit card for those transactions are entirely at the customer’s own risk and at all times the customer must exercise their own discretion.



For the comfort of other participants, smoking is not permitted on Nexus Holidays arranged transportation. Nexus Holidays requests non-smoking rooms for all occupants as a standard. Smoking is not permitted in many hotels, public places and parts of cruise vessels.


Special Requests

Nexus Holidays will make every effort to pass on special requests such as dietary requirements, seat assignments, room locations and wheelchair requests to the airline, hotel and other suppliers but cannot guarantee such requests can be met.


Single Travellers

A single supplement applies to any customers travelling alone or requiring a single room for oneself. This includes cancellations whereby the remaining occupant(s) require single room(s). Single supplement fees are also applicable for any rail or cruise components and cannot be waived. Nexus Holidays does not arrange pairing of solo travellers.


Time at Leisure

Any “time at leisure” or “free time” mentioned on any itinerary or brochure is not guaranteed and is subject to flight departure and arrival times. The time available at leisure may not take into consideration the time required for transfer between destinations and check in.



Tipping is a firm and expected element in the tourism industry today. Tipping is prepaid in Australia prior to your departure date unless otherwise stated. The amount payable for each tour is shown in the tour price and Nexus Holidays will advise the exact amount required per person at the time of booking. Tipping amounts are based on the tour itinerary and length and are subject to change.



Group shared transfers are at designated times and destinations. No refunds are provided for unused transfers. The type of vehicle used is dependent upon the group size. Transfers outside the set group arrangements or dates are at additional cost to the customer.


Travel With Minors

For all China tours:

Children under 5 years of age are not permitted on any Nexus Holidays operated China tours unless otherwise specified on electronic product pages and/or brochures. Young travellers who are under 18 years of age are not recommended on any Nexus Holidays operated China tours. Child discounts do not apply.

For all destinations (except China):

Children under 12 years of age are not recommended on tours and cruises. Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult and share their accommodation with an adult. Child discounts are generally not applicable for our packages, however, may apply to infants under 2 years of age not requiring a seat, bed and breakfast. Requests for interconnecting rooms cannot be guaranteed.


Triple Share

Triple share may not be available on all of our land and cruise packages. A single supplement is payable where triple share is not available.


Airlines, Cruises, Hotels & Other Third Party Suppliers



Airlines featured in this document do not by virtue of their endorsement represent themselves either as contracting with any purchaser of a holiday from Nexus Holidays or as having any legal relationship with such a purchaser. Frequent flyer miles may not be accruable on packaged fares.


Cruise Packages

Nexus Holidays cruise packages are based on special group allotments whereby cabins are assigned by the cruise operator on a run of house basis close to departure. Cabins may have obstructed views. We cannot guarantee that specific requests for cabins or locations can be fulfilled. Only twin-bedded rooms can be guaranteed. All other room types are on a request basis only and cannot be guaranteed. Any discounts or benefits associated with personal loyalty memberships do not apply to our special group packages. Cruises that depart from countries abroad, such as from Asia, may be culturally enriching cruises whereby guests are immersed in local culture, entertainment, flavours, activities, customs and language. English will always be spoken by cruise staff. Ships are subject to change and Nexus Holidays reserves the right to provide a substitute of similar standard. Shore excursions and other activities are subject to change and favourable local conditions.


Hotel Descriptions, Maps & Pictures

Hotel descriptions featured in this document are based on current hotel guides provided by suppliers and contractual agreements. Any facilities described are subject to change at any time. Maps and photographs are included for general information only and may not necessarily reflect actual routings, location or services. Nexus Holidays has made reasonable enquiries to verify that the descriptions and details are accurate but does not warrant that they are.


Marketing Materials, Promotions & Campaigns



By providing email and postal addresses on the Booking Form you have agreed to receive correspondence from Nexus Holidays which may contain marketing, specials and promotional material.

Brochure Validity

Tour itineraries and prices are accurate at the time of printing and prices are based on current exchange rates. The itinerary content and total tour length are subject to change (cf. Length of Tour). The price of the tour is only guaranteed once a customer has paid in full, subject to collection of any tax changes or levies imposed by any government or their agencies or any airline or supplier. Nexus Holidays reserves the right to make alterations to itineraries, departure dates and prices due to circumstances beyond our control.


Erroneous Pricing

Nexus Holidays reserves the right not to honour any published prices that we determine are erroneous due to printing, electronic or clerical error. Nexus Holidays reserves the right to collect any omissions or underbilled charges from verbal or written quotations and invoices, and reserves the right to adjust or reissue quotations and invoices to reflect correct pricing.


Customer Experience


Loyalty Discounts

Nexus Holidays values repeat customers. When making a new booking, please provide previous booking reference numbers and the travel destinations and a loyalty discount will be applied.



If you have been on a Nexus Holidays tour and have any comments, suggestions, compliments or constructive criticism, we would love to hear your valuable feedback which can be made through the Testimonials section of our website.


Privacy Policy


Privacy & Confidentiality

The collection of passports and passport information for ticket issuance, visa application etc, is a firm requirement by airlines and travel operators for identification purposes.

Personal information is passed on to any relevant third party suppliers and vendors that provide or govern the products and services pertaining to your travel, such as but not limited to providers for air tickets, hotels, cruises, local tours & attractions, coaches & transfers, and travel insurance. Personal data may also be provided to government or public authorities such as customs, immigration and security services.

All personal data, with the exception of credit card details, will be stored. Nexus Holidays will take reasonable steps to ensure that all information collected is stored in a secure environment accessed only by authorised persons. While Nexus Holidays strives to protect personal information from misuse and unauthorised access, we cannot guarantee the security of any information transmitted or received from our online products or services. These activities are conducted at your own risk.

Nexus Holidays complies with the Australian Spam Act 2003, and will use only names and contact details for marketing purposes unless you notify us (in writing or by unsubscribing from a mailing list) that you do not wish to receive marketing material, or want your personal information to be deleted from our database.


Information on the Website

  1. At times this website refers you to information from third parties. Any such information is not the responsibility of Nexus Holidays, and does not constitute part of our services. Nexus Holidays does not accept any liability due to your reliance on third party information, and cannot guarantee the accuracy of any such information.
  2. All information on this website is provided in good faith and to the best of our knowledge. However, it remains subject to change at any time and without prior notice.
  3. We advise all travellers that it is ultimately their own responsibility to confirm for themselves the accuracy, currency, and completeness of any information provided through this website.
  4. All persons travelling with Nexus Holidays must carefully read the terms and conditions provided to them, in their entirety, before finalising your purchase.
  5. Nexus Holidays reserves the right to modify prices and products at our discretion as it may become necessary.


Governing Law

This contract is governed by the laws of the state of New South Wales and any legal action arising therefrom shall be litigated only in the appropriate court in that state having jurisdiction in that claim.


Last updated: 31 March 2020