Notice to Customers

On 20 April 2021, Jonathon Keenan and Peter Krejci of BRI Ferrier were appointed Liquidators of Nexus Holidays Pty Ltd (also trading as Vista Holidays) (“the Company”) pursuant to Section 491 of the Corporations Act 2001.

It appears that the Company has been significantly impacted by the global COVID-19 pandemic, where trading has been limited due to travel restrictions. The available financial information indicates that the Company has insufficient assets available to meet its liabilities, and the directors have formed the view that it is insolvent. As such, the Company is unable to deliver on previously booked holiday packages and tours.

The Liquidators are conducting an urgent review of the Company’s financial position to determine the next steps and potential outcomes for customers and creditors. Reports will be issued during the course of the Liquidation outlining the position, including whether any credit with third party providers is available.

In the interim, we encourage customers who made payments via credit card, to explore if a refund is available via “chargeback” with their banks. Otherwise, customers are entitled to submit a claim for the value of their payments by completing a Formal Proof of Debt form obtained from our website:

We note that the Liquidators have limited information available at this time, however they will provide updates via periodic reports to all parties. In this regard, an initial report will be issued by 4 May 2021.

For any urgent matters, please contact Jenny Kwok or Luke O’Connor of this office via email or telephone (02) 8263 2300.